July Charity Donation



July’s charity donation was sent to Little Way Cancer Support ( for the amount of $1,014.55.

“Cancer is unfortunately a disease which impacts families across the globe. Although a complex problem that has yet to be solved, there is always way in which we can offer support to those fighting Cancer.

On hearing of one our colleagues and close friends, the 4th Air Corps Potential NCO Course have decided to run a charity fundraiser in aid of Little Ways Cancer Support Centre. A service in which our good friend is availing of through his tough journey.

On 21st of July, the class of 19 Students will carry out a Rope Climb Challenge 2000m, the equivalent height of mount Pilatus. We chose this mountain as it’s name signifies the Aircraft type that our friend works on in the Irish Air Corps.

This fundraiser will allow us to show our appreciation to Little Ways by offering some financial support to their charity.”

To learn more about Rope Climb for Cancer Support head to:

To learn more about Little Way Cancer Support head to: