Glow Update – Contract Resumed



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The distributors were 100% updated by the developers. The contract was resumed and trading is now live. Reflections are now fully automated and distributing based on volume and your bag weight.

Our next top priority will be calculating the proper rewards to send out to the holders based on the volume that occurred while trade was opened yesterday. As soon as the best resolution has been decided, we will post a clear and concise plan and then execute.

After the rewards have been sent, the next step/priority is implementing farming and staking for GLOW. We also have not continued our direct buy with Munch. We are currently speaking with multiple companies that provide a solution for this and have a few to pick from. This direct buy of Glow will most likely not return until around Q1 of 2023.

Again Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hopefully you all are stuffed full of food and enjoying time with friends and family. If not, enjoy the rest of the week and will update again soon!

Jared – COO