GlowV2 AMA – 05/30/2022



GlowV2 held an AMA with the community to talk about future updates, exciting news and opened the floor to any questions the community had. Listen to the AMA on our YouTube channel (video below).

AMA Recap:

Glow is going to be breaking away from the traditional mould pursued by the majority of tokens. We will be updating the roadmap this week to reflect this. This is to aim to bring real world utility to GlowV2.

Crypto Atlas NFT project is signed off on and the percentage’s have been adjusted to make it one of the most sought after passive income NFT. 25% of the purchase price will now be used to purchase Glow that will be given to the holders of the NFT rather than 4% .

A burn wallet has been created where the reflections generated from it will be used for a buy back and burn. The community to decide whether they want tokenomics to be reflected in the buy back and burn or to have a larger burn.

Jared’s new education site is completed and will be going live shortly.

Many partnerships being formed in the background to bring added utility to the project.

More exciting news to come during the month of June!