Glow Update – Glow Token Details



Hello GlowNation!

GlowV2 has upgraded and migrated to Glow Token! Here is a brief rundown of the changes made to Glow Token.

New Token Name

In order to reduce confusion, we named our new contract/token “Glow Token” instead of “GlowV3”. Our trademark application is in the final stages so it was imperative to make sure the token name matched our trademark application

Proxy Contract

The new contract is a proxy contract. What does this mean? This allows Glow Token to be future proof, allowing us the ability to upgrade on the fly as needed.


Glow Token reduced the previous total supply of 1 Quadrillion to 100 Billion. This was a 10,000:1 consolidation and removed four 0’s from the price. This allows us to be more appealing to exchanges as well as friendly on the eyes and calculation.

Automatic Migration

The migration process is complete. Nothing is needed on the holders end to receive the new tokens. The new contract was automatically airdropped to holders of GlowV2 at the time of migration. Simply add the new contract address (0x606379220AB266bBE4b0FeF8469e6E602f295a84) to your DeFi wallet of choice, and you’re all set!

New Tax Breakdown

15% Total Buy/Sell Tax has remained however we changed the way it is structured. We also made sure to keep the 0% transfer fee from wallet to wallet. Here is the new tax breakdown for buys and sells:

  • 11% Total Rewards
    • 9% BUSD
    • 1% Binance Pegged XRP**
    • 1% BBTF (Blockbusters Tech**
  • 1% Charity
  • 3% Marketing/Development

** These reward slots are “flex positions.” This means that Glow Token LLC reserves the right to change these rewarded tokens at any point for any reason.

Max Wallet Size Removed

Previously GlowV2 had a max wallet size of 10 Trillion tokens as an anti-whale measure. This has been removed in Glow Token. Holders will have zero limit to the amount of Glow they can hold.


Glow Token LLC loved giving out lottery donations. The previous lottery mechanics unfortunately ate up a lot of the tax percentage from volume. The new lottery is a separate component using multiple tokens as rewards. A transparent wallet purchases and holds partner tokens as well as tokens that provide passive income. At a designated time, this passive income generated from partner tokens’ volume will be used to disperse to a lottery winner.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to any from the core team or moderators across any of our socials. We will always do our absolute best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you all for support!

Let’s GLOW!